Pondok Cabe, Pamulang - Tangerang Selatan

Vission - Mission


To be a leading Islamic education center that shapes religious, knowledgeable, well balanced, creative, tough, responsible, and dynamic Muslim future leaders.


1. Conducts good quality education based on Islamic values

2. Leads students to be independent learners

3. Provides conducive school environment

4. Performs continuous and well-planned education system

5. Develop all potential students with Islamic multiple Intelligence approaches including (a) bodily kinesthetic intelligence, (b) Intelligence Quotient (logical-mathematical intelligence, linguistic intelligence, spacial intelligence, natural intelligence, existential intelligence), (c) Emotional Quotient (intrapersonal intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, musical intelligence) and (d) Spiritual Quotient (spiritual intelligence).


  • Religious

Mumtaza Islamic school creates and nurtures religious learning environment that supports its students to be pious Muslims by conducting various religious activities that will internalize Islamic values in their daily lives.

  • Respectful

Mumtaza Islamic School encourages and creates learning environment that respects and praises individual differences.

  • Excellent

Mumtaza Islamic School synergizes all aspects of learning to create conducive and excellent education system that will shape excellent future leaders with Islamic values.