Pondok Cabe, Pamulang - Tangerang Selatan


Mumtaza Islamic School is an excellent Islamic education laboratory that was established in February 2009. The establishment of this institution was initiated by some educational experts and Muslim scholars under the Yayasan Nawa Dinamika Sejahtera (YNDS). Mumtaza Islamic School consists of three levels of education; Mumtaza Islamic Preschool which was initiated in 2009 and Mumtaza Islamic Primary School which came a year later in 2010. In the run, Mumtaza Islamic Junior High School was formed precisely in 2015 to meet the demand on secondary level education.

The presence of Mumtaza Islamic School is basically to fulfill the necessity of qualified, independent, critical, ingenious and creative education system which is based on the spirit of akhlaq al-karimah (good behaviour). In addition, it develops a teaching methodology which appreciates every individual differentiation to nurture, develop, and enhance all of their potencies and talents. Further, Islamic multiple intelligences and joyful learning methods, used in the learning process, will provide more interesting educational environment for students. Such methods are intended to optimize their physical actualization, intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, and spiritual quotient based on Islamic values.

In term of curriculum design, Mumtaza Islamic School develops a curriculum which synergizes national curriculum, tahfidz curriculum and international curriculum. The school adopts Cambridge curriculum system as the international curriculum. The implementation of this curriculum, for example, is equipped with active learning program which motivates and encourages students to be more independent, open-minded, creative, and innovative. Apart from the Cambridge curriculum system, the school is also enriched with tahfidz program (Qur’an memorization). The program applies fun learning approach specifically designed to create joyful learning environment for the students. At last, the school also applies the national curriculum both under the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Culture.

To serve students with excellent human resources, Mumtaza Islamic School have qualified, experienced and trained teachers, both locals and expatriates, who have positive and caring attitudes toward students and experiences in National Plus and International Schools. It provides highly qualified and skilful teachers in English, Arabic language, tahfidz, ICT (information communication and technology), science and Islamic studies. They will help children to actualize their abilities and talents in accordance with the global and local necessities.